Design Contest


Meyer Memorial Trust and Northwest Health Foundation are committed to fostering a flourishing and equitable Oregon. We strive to remove barriers for Oregonians who experience inequities on a daily basis.


EQ-UI-TY /n./


The word “equity” is often used interchangeably with “equality." But at Meyer and NWHF, we see a big difference between the two. 

To us, equity recognizes the barriers and obstacles that some of us face in reaching our goals, while equality treats everyone the same whether or not they face obstacles. We believe that focusing on equity is the key to removing systemic barriers and providing access to resources so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We know it's difficult to move toward an equitable Oregon if people don't understand the meaning of equity. So we've launched a statewide contest asking you: How would you illustrate equity to help your fellow Oregonians understand? 


What does EQUITY look like? 

Cycle through the gallery to view the winning images:

These illustrations are great, and they've served us well, but they are also problematic for many reasons. We think Oregonians can do better. That's where the contest comes in!